Het leven voor kinderen in Sri Lanka is vandaag chaotisch. De aanhoudende economische crisis in het mooie Lanka heeft een enorme impact op het welzijn van alle kinderen daar. De gevolgen van de coronacrisis en Oekraïne oorlog laten zich in Sri Lanka extra gelden. Stijgende voedsel en energie prijzen en geen inkomen voor vele ouders treffen vooral de allerarmsten nog meer.

"De huidige crisis heeft onevenredige gevolgen voor de kwetsbaarste kinderen in Sri Lanka, die al werden geconfronteerd met de giftige combinatie van armoede, COVID herhaalde klimaatgerelateerde rampen" volgens Christian Skoog, UNICEF Sri Lanka.

Simpel! Geen petrol, geen schooltje, geen basis aan gezonde voeding, gewoon niets! Dit heeft een aanzienlijk effect op het opgroeien van vooral jonge kinderen. Psychosociale ondersteuningsinitiatieven zijn hier nodig om kinderen hoop te geven op een betere toekomst voor hen zelf en anderen.

Pop-Up Our Yoga is an initiative that “pops up” at various location for a limited time to achieve “Our Little Diamonds” goal. 

“Pop-Up Our Yoga” is intended as a leisure initiative for children. This initiative wants to approach children and young people in their living and playing environment. Our child yoga lessons are learning and theme-oriented and connect with the child's environment. The child's spontaneity, interest, and curiosity play a meaningful role in this concept. 

We strive for a better world, by teaching the practice of yoga to children.

Yoga for children is an interesting method to demonstrate the importance of early childhood education in Sri Lanka. Investing in a kid's early years raises the likelihood of a successful life for that youngster.

Pearls of wisdom

Yoga poses are just physical exercises, but when the philosophy of yoga is adopted, the personal transformation becomes real. Yoga will have a significant added value for those who practice it. 

Yoga is an ancient dharmic tradition that focuses on universal values such as non-violence, peace and compassion. Children's yoga finds its roots in the yoga sutras written down by Patanjali. Those ancient texts refer to social and individual disciplines called the "Yamas and Niyamas". According to Patanjali, these two pillars are the foundations of yoga.

What we call today "Buddhism" was in ancient times known as "Dhamma-Vinaya." The word "Dhamma" means Dharma in Sanskrit, and Vinaya is the ethical code of the Buddha. These include moral advice and calls for teaching wisdom, proper insight and right intention.

Generation after generation, these pearls of wisdom were memorized and passed down orally by monks. Later, around 30 BC., in the cave of Aloka in Sri Lanka, Buddhist monks wrote down the recitations on ola leaves. It's called the Pali Canon, and it intends, among others, to help humanity towards healthy and peaceful communities.

Today we have many technological possibilities to communicate and store information instead of ola palm leaves and oral recitations. It would surprise the old monks, sadhus and seers how we save our knowledge in megabytes and how cell phones have fundamentally changed our communication today.

Digital growth connects us worldwide. It's easier than ever to access and share information. Children grow up in this technological wonderworld where they chitchat face-to-face to the other side of the planet in a blink of an eye. "Isn't that easy! Isn't it magic!"

Children love their mobile connections. Smart devices offer many opportunities for more engaged learning. Integrated into a yoga gathering, we use face to face communication with children from other countries and continents. These chats promote the use of the internet in a good way.


Introducing the benefits of early childhood education through children's yoga.

Cyriel the Wale brings children a story that stimulates their empathy. With the flowing motion of yoga poses, we spread a message to children that will stay with them. Young kids, girls and boys, between four and eight, are our audience in this yoga adventure which brings a lot of knowledge about the stunning ocean life.